Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 10, 2009

8.3 miles with 3x1600 at 5k pace, 2:00 cooldown between each with the Deegs.
We did them on the bike path, though the section we chose had some hills and it made a difference good and bad.
First 1/4 of the first repeat was 74, a bit fast but to be expected. 2nd was 74, not bad. That mile ended up as a 5:01. Next went the same way, 5:02. The last was mostly uphill and into the wind, but we still somehow managed a 5:09.
Not bad and still far better than the repeats we did 10 days out last fall, where we were 5:08, 5:10 and 5:17.
Felt fine after and we cooled down well. Strong and smooth 10 days out. 5 tomorrow, 7 Sunday, 13 Monday .

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