Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 13, 2009

That was so wrong it was right.
12.5 miles and I kicked my own ass so hard. I went out and felt great along the bike trail in Orleans and, figuring it had been 3 days since I raced and 3 days before the Bedford 12k, I best get a workout in, and a big one, as Bedford is 7.4 and I've been doing 3.1's and 5's since the marathon.
I warmed up for 15 minutes and went into what was going to be the 5 x 3:00 10k workout that has worked so well for me this year. Well, the first 2 minutes were at 5:13 and I felt just fine, so why not just do it at that pace? Plus, why just do 5, why not 6 , or more?
So I committed to 7 of them at increasing paces. I was most proud of the 4th set, which was uphill and into a slight wind. I saw my average dip down to 5:20 at 2 minutes and I was like "Oh, I don't think so." I cranked it up for the last minute to get that average down to 5:12 (4:54 for the last 1:00.
By the 7th (5:10) I was cooked, but feeling OK. ) What got me was the fact that I hadn't turned around until after the 4th and by the last, was still 3 miles from the gym. Damn. The first mile was a welcome cooldown, but 2 more, and I was in last-mile-of-a-22 mode. Bonked and pained, I made it back, still going 6:15, but just going even that fast because I just wanted it to be over. So over 2 days, 3 weeks removed from the marathon and 3 days after a pr race, I just ran 22 miles in 2 days at a 6:07 average with 21 minutes of it at a ridiculous pace.
I am so taking it easy tomorrow and Friday. 10's each day, but damned slow.
Oh, that was good, and since it didn't kill me, it will only make me faster (unless it actually killed me, but we'll know that Saturday.)

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