Sunday, May 17, 2009

may 16, 2009

Bedford 12k (7.46 miles,) Bedford NH. Race #3 of the USATF-NE 2009 Grand Prix.
Worst race in 6 months, if not a year (see: last year's Rhody 5k.)
I had a terrible week of no sleep, layover from Boston, too much fast training and too little recovery and it all hit at this race.
My time was 40:13, for a 5:23 pace, but it went much worse than that. I just never had any energy. I went through 1 in 5:07 and 2 in 5:14 and was already working really hard. The rest was just survival at 5:25 and throw in a 5:37 (awful) for mile 7 and there you have it. Didn't place on the team (6th) and lost the battle for 5th with a kid who certainly has talent and runs great, but shouldn't be beating me at this distance yet. I came in 23rd overall and got that lovely little "*" next to my name indicating I'd again gone under the USATF age guideline (whooptyfucking-doo.)
Bad week, bad miles, bad running. This was the wake-up. Time to hit the reset.
5 days this week for 44.

T- 6

Week: 44 miles.

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