Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 9, 2009

Epic. Irish Village 5 miler in 26:09. Took the win, the $150 and the Pub Series lead.
I went into this one treating it as if it were a major Grand Prix race. This was the race I abandoned one year because of depression and two others due to injury; all Pub races.
This time, I'm in the lead, I got dissed by NE Runner (all in good fun and with good reason) in Fitz' realistic prediction that I and anyone else who ran Boston would still be beat up a mere 19 days after the fact and thusly, a lead change would almost certainly occur, as Teague was fresh and Fehnel (who didn't make it) would be another threat.
I'd like to say I had no doubts about my fitness, but holding 5:10's in Hyannis last week for 3 miles felt tough, not to mention that I had a lame training week with only one good workout and one run over 7 miles.
Nonetheless, after reading the prognostication some 5 days earlier, I knew what I had to do.
I showed up early and warmed up for 2 miles with Ray (who had the best race of his life so far and is just realizing his potential.) The weather was cool, still and damp.
Checking the field, I saw no Fehnel and no other known threat besides Teague (who seems to be an extraordinarily nice guy and a gutsy competitor.)
The gun went off on time and out we went. We went through the 1/2 mile at 4:58 pace, and by 3/4, I had to give him 6 feet or so. If I was going to run this thing well, I couldn't burn myself, and I knew that no matter how fit Chris was for this, he couldn't maintain 5:00 for too long and if he could, well so be it, he's the better man.
I went through 1 in 5:04 and he was 10 feet up. by 1.5, he was 30 feet ahead and I still had faith, as I was still breathing just within myself but I was curious as to when he'd come back. Near 2, as we headed into the beach lot, he came back so quick, I thought he might be injured. I caught him and next thing I know, we're making the turn and I'm 15 feet up. 1 minute later and I hear a spectator say (you've got 50 yards on him." Good lord, this is too good, he must be saving up or something, But he wasn't, he was just cooked. I kept it hot the rest of the way and slowed a bit, but still had 25:54 by my watch for 5 and 26:09 crossing the line. Teague came in at 26:50.
I ran my race, it worked quite well and I beat my best time here by 9 seconds.
I'm not even sure I'm fully back, but I feel damned good about this one and I'm definitely doing things as right as I can.

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