Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov. 30th, 2010

0 miles.
Went to the doc, where she removed 2 chunks of earwax that combined to be roughly the size of a 1983 Renault Le Car from my left ear. Yow, it was something unpleasant, but I can hear so damned well now that I heard Nickelback on the radio and immediately began to cry (whereas before the dewaxing I would be able to enjoy a good 5 or 6 second buffer before I realized there was poop coming from my speakers.)
Anyway, she could shed no further light on why I feel the way I do, other than to say that I did indeed have a nasty upper respiratory infection that might just be taking its good old time leaving (I wish I could just go in there and dig and pull it out like the earwax.)
Tomorrow's December 1st, so maybe that's where I should start to just say fuck it and run. If I can run 7:30 pace and feel like crap but not feel like I'm doing any harm, well, then it's certainly better than nothing at all (like today.)

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