Monday, December 20, 2010

December 19th, 2010

18 miles on the roads and bike path from home to Brewster and back.
Easy and smooth to start and ended up at a 6:45 average for the front 9, then turned around (into a slight headwind) and picked it up and came back at a 6:11 pace with the last 2 at 5:56 and 5:44 for a 6:28 overall.
Really good run and considering the fact that I felt beat after running hard on Thursday and Friday after the killer workout Tuesday, I'm really happy with how it all played out. I'm feeling better and better about running long and fast and I want to keep the focus on that. 18 weeks out from Boston and I'm really feeling good about where I'm at. This was a solid week where I pushed myself hard and didn't break.

M- 12
T- 15
W- 13 (8/5)
Th- 8
F- 12
Sa- 6
Su- 18

week- 84 miles

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