Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

12.2 miles in Brewster @ 6:42 pace overall.
Met up with Jake Klim for a longish run and couldn't have asked for it to have gone better. Did I feel a little tightness? Yes, but not so much so that I felt like a I was re-damaging (definitely not a word) something. Did my legs ache? Yep, pretty much as if I'd done 18, but I was still able to hit 6:30's pretty easily for the most part and 12 was, well, just right.
Always great to run with Jake. Just a terribly interesting and nice guy who also happens to be a ridiculously good runner.
Icing both calves now and looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. Thinking about taking tomorrow off, but if I feel like doing 4-5 easy is possible, then I'll try to do that, as after taxing the muscles a bit today, it would be more beneficial to at least get them moving a little rather than sit, but I'll play it by ear. Either way, I'm quite happy with today's run and the fact that it makes for a decent week.

M- 6
T- 7
W- 0
Th- 7
F- 8 (4,4)
Sa- 0
Su- 12

week- 40 miles

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