Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20th, 2012

8.4 miles @ 6:45 pace.
So, I was so pleased with the fact that I ran 7 yesterday without any pain, that I figured I must have made some sort of breakthrough and I went out for what I thought would be an "easy" 10. Of course, I'm nowhere near healthy and I should have taken this into account. @ 3 miles, things got tight and a bit sore, so I turned around and began to come back. By 4, it didn't feel a bit better, so I went off the hard bike trail and into the woods, which provided some relief, but worked other muscles in a way that only icy paths can. So, but 7, I'd come to the high school fields and things felt lousy, so by 7.25, I was back on the road and running fast, just to get home. This turned out to feel rather good and so I just ran fast the last mile on pavement and finished feeling relatively OK. This was a warning, and if don't heed it, I'll go backwards, again.

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