Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday, March 19th, 2012

11 miles at 6:37 pace in Nickerson. Felt really good. Still not completely distance-ready in terms of training, but after taking yesterday off (but being on my feet the whole day) it showed that I can recover pretty well after something like the 11 on Saturday. Very happy with the run. Looking forward to trying on some racing this weekend (man, is that an understatement.)


Mike Quintal said...

What race Joe?

joe navas said...

The good old An Ras Mor. I figure, what the heck, is there any better way to see where things are at than the Pub Series with all the usual suspects? You maybe running that one?

Mike Quintal said...

I'd like to but my goal would be to break 16:40. I'm not in shape at all, especially to try to run up front. Could be fun though, maybe I will.