Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

8 miles.
If I have any more days like this, I'm going to freak out (in a good way.)
I felt all sorts of bouncy and energized from the first step and proceeded to have a run where every hill felt great and going under 6:15 pace for most of it was easy as pie.
Ended up with a 6:17 pace overall with a 5:51 6th mile that wasn't much more than a medium effort, really like marathon pace.
Went to Boston to see the orthopedist I've been waiting to see for a month now and he told me that no, my leg isn't going to fall off, that yes, it is an injury that should heal over time, but regardless, he really can't tell me much more without an MRI. I wish I would have gone to him 6 months ago, as at least he could have told me these simple things then to ease my mind, but at least I heard it now (though 6 months ago I could barely walk, which is where the "heal over time" part comes in.)
I'm hoping the results of the MRI tell me something that lead me back to running (and especially racing) without physical therapy.
He did tell me that given the fact that I got lousy advice to begin with and that I've been running throughout, it shows I can heal well despite such practices.
Anyway, great run today and overall good news (more or less.)

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