Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

10 miles.
Woke up to see the headlines about Micah True being found dead (true, from all over) and Khannouchi being fit and the fave to win London (not true, LetsRun.)
Got the day off to a sad, angry start and felt as much for most of it, save for some killer relief in the form of Dan Savage having Ira Glass as a guest on an old podcast. Had me in stitches. Thanks guys.
Anyway, went out for a longish (for me, for now) run and ended up with 10 miles @ 6:37 pace feeling good and not too taxed.
Didn't sleep so hot last night and just felt like going for much more wouldn't do me much good, especially since I should just be happy with another 50+ week in the books and my legs feeling OK.

M- 4
T- 5
W- 8
Th- 8
F- 10
Sa- 6
Su- 10

week- 51 miles

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