Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

15 miles. New Bedford 1/2 Marathon.
Went into this wired and ready to roll. Came out of this beat down and wondering what the hell just happened.
Headwind for the first 4 and I and many others spent too much energy fighting it, but what else were we to do? Run 5:45's and hope to make it up somewhere else?
Got to the middle part and cruised, faster than ever, but then came up to the 11-13 and got pummeled.
After going through 10 in 53:56 - which, though 17 seconds slower than my previous two attempts, I was fine with as I'd lost so much in the beginning - I just died on the last 5k, clocking a 5:46, 5:37, 5:52 for those. Yeesh.
Ended with a 1:11:54 for my 3rd best (or worst, however one wants to look at it) time here.
My first examination of it made me think I was toast for Boston, in the sense that if I couldn't even handle the last 3 of this race, how could I expect to deal well with the last 6 of Boston. Of course, then I thought about the fact that I won't be going out like a nutjob at Boston and getting my legs into all sort of trouble. No need to panic, just be reasonable.
Picked up 3rd Master behind new master Chris Magill and the insanely fast Kevin Collins, who I hope decides to chill in NY for the rest of the year. Team got second, as BAA's guys all ran great (not that we didn't, but they just had all their Masters firing on all cylinders. Wayne's going to have a great Boston, for sure.)
The bummer is that CMS didn't have enough Masters running to score as a team. Pretty bummed about that, as I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for those guys and was really looking forward to continuing our race to race rivalry moving towards the championship.

M- 13 (8/5)
T- 8
W- 13
Th- 8
F- 10
Sa- 0
Su- 15

week- 67 miles
pic is of this year's run, on the left, compared with 2009's PR on the right.

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