Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

0 miles...
BUT, happy to say I'm turning the corner on this one. Tomorrow, I run. Probably end up with 30 miles this week, but you know what? That's ok (alright not really, but, well, it is.)


Brian Allen said...

Dude, I'm having a week just like yours. I have a weird pain on the top of the foot which made me decide to take the last 4 days off ? I wil try and run in tje morning tomorrow (Friday) because I am losing it and just need it! See you in NB!

joe navas said...

Damn! Sorry to hear that, man.
Yup, I've been freaking out all week. Kristen's ready to just kick me onto the roads in my sneakers whether I feel better or not. I'm going out tomorrow for the first time since last Friday. Can't wait.
Hope you can get it to subside and soon. Oh well, at least we'll be rested for NB, right? ;-)