Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

20 miles in the woods and on the roads with Scott in Truro. 2:30:55. Rained the whole time
Did the first 14 with Scott and we took it very easy, just focusing on getting time on my feet. Plenty of 8:00+ miles in the woods, but nothing too horribly, painfully slow. Dropped him off at his place after doing 14 in 1:49-ish and headed back out to do 6 more, all under 7:00, still taking it easy, but wanting to pick it up at least a little. Happy to find that 6:50's were easy enough with no pain and still decent energy.
This was just basic work to get more marathon-fit and I came away unscathed (though a bit tired for sure.)
First week over 70 since prepping for Boston (week ending March 24th, to be exact.)

M- 6
T- 0
W- 16.4 (9.3/7.1)
Th- 11.1
Fr- 9
Sa- 8
Su- 20

week- 70.5 miles

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