Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

19.8 miles.
1.2 mile warmup, then 18.6 (30k) race in Nahant.
Went out easy (as did everyone, except a fast few.)
Got ahead of all the Masters except Jason Porter and led Magill through just under 9. He picked me up soon after and we ran more or less together, trading a 5-10 foot lead for the better part of 5 miles. Thought I could hang, but he's just too tough and too fit. Had a blast trying, though. First time in a long time that I actually enjoyed the hurt and the push (like it always should be but hasn't been this year.)
Ended up 3rd Master in 1:50:53 for a 5:57 pace. I had a 5:53 for 18.87 on my watch and a few of the miles did seem a bit long, but whatever. Came away exhausted but with little soreness, which means I am doing the marathon. Fun day.
Also my longest run (over 12 miles) since Boston in April, making for my biggest week since then as well.

M- 12.15
Tu- 5
W- 8
Th- 6.6
F- 6.2
Sa- 6.5
Su- 19.8

week- 64.25 miles

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