Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

9.2 miles on the bike trail in Brewster.
Just went out to get a good run in before the 2nd epic snow of the year. First few miles were nothing special. Just getting a feel for it, loosening up. The thing that scares me is that I've grown so accustomed to starting out slow, that I now see 7:00+ for the first 2 and even 3 miles. Still, mile 3 did creep under 7:00 but 4 was just another 6:52. Then, I finally loosened up and started to get under 6:40 easily. I mean, it was 18 degrees out, so a little longer warmup is to be expected, but still...
I just didn't want to stress anything, so even at 6.5, when I decided to do the next 1/2 mile at sub-6:00 pace, I didn't push. Ran 5:57 on that and then settled back into 6:27 and kept it there for the rest, easy and gliding.
All in all, I felt good. I don't want to become that guy who's just happy to run OK speed-wise and enjoy the run, but today I did just that, and as long as I don't grow too happy with that, it's OK.

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