Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

So, the journal has obviously gone to hell, but it hopefully will return as I do.
The race I did three weeks was likely a bit too much too soon and hardly yielded good results, beyond the simple (but very enjoyable) feeling of racing.
A couple days later, I found myself relegated to the shelf and the bike again, as my foot was bothering me and I shut it down as a precaution.
So, two weeks off and now a week back that saw me run 40 miles, all in the new Hoka Clifton's I got Monday. 2 days of 6, 2 days of 7 and then today, I just felt like continuing to run until I felt like not continuing, which turned into 14 miles, with the last 8 at @ 6:37 pace (6:46 overall.) I felt good. My energy felt surprisingly good, which, well, surprised me. An hour and half of highish heart rate without bonking left me feeling like I might actually be able to think about tacking another 75 minutes on there from Hopkinton to Boston. Sure it was one run, but it felt rather good and my feet and legs didn't hurt (much.) The Hoka's are for real and I have a second pair on order. I at least want to be able to be relatively competitive at Amherst. Anything under 57 would be very nice.
So without a day by day breakdown, I had a week with 5 runs, 1 bike (for an hour) for 40 miles of running. It's a start.

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