Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

14 miles. 2 mile warmup, 10 mile race, 2 mile cooldown.
USATF-NE Garnd Prix Race #1- 5 Realtors 10 Miler

So, going into this race, I really didn't know what to expect. I've had 5 good weeks of training, but really more just "running" than training. I kind of figured that I wouldn't have a heck of a lot of leg speed, but I was just hoping that 5:40 or faster would be a decent average pace. The good news is that 5:38-5:28 was doable on flats, the bad news is that with the nasty dirt section and the hill that preceded it, I lost a crapload of time that I was just no way going to make up.
But really, the even better news was that overall, I was stronger than I thought I'd be with more strength late-race than I figured I'd have, after I'd made a few really poorly chosen surges on the dirt part to get around people on the single track.
I ended up with a 57:50, 44th place overall and 6th Master. I really can't complain about those numbers, since I picked up some serious names in the last two miles and as for the ones who came ahead of me, they were all absolutely legit and I actually consider it a hell of an accomplishment to have come as close as I did to any of them (though I was, as expected, nowhere near Magill, who ran a completely insane time on that nasty course. Kudos to he and Chris Lawrence, who likewise ran crazy fast on that thing at 51. Yow.)
Ends up with a decent week where I'm healthy and not too beat up. Even ran in some old Adidas flats yesterday and survived, so that's a good sign. If something ain't breaking with those shoes on that course, then things must be fairly well healed (knock wood.)

M- 8
T- 8
W- 0
Th- 9
F- 8
Sa- 0
Su- 14

week- 47 miles

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