Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday, March 22nd 2015

20.1 miles with Mike Tom G. and Dave Corbett in Falmouth @ 6:44 pace. Felt great. Legs fine and if I'd had water along, I'd have been able to go another 2-3 miles. Never went faster than 6:33 or slower than 6:54 (after a 7:20 warmup mile.)
So, that does it, Boston is on. I'm still not foolish enough to think I'm going to light one up, but I do feel as if I can get through it in a decent time (well, relatively, as in 2:45 or so.) Makes for my longest run in over a year and first 70 mile week in that time as well.

M- 7
T- 8
W- 9.1
Th- 9.75
F- 8.1
Sa- 8.25
Su- 20.1

week- 70.3 miles

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