Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Monday, April 20th, 2015

27 miles. @ 1 mile warmup, then 26.2 from Hopkinton to Boston. 2:46:33.
Went in with the full knowledge that this had to be a conservative effort, as I'd done just enough to get to the line in one piece and not blow up.
Went out even @ 6:20 and got things down to the 615-6:02 range for the whole thing. The Chipotle I had the night before caused 3 bathroom breaks which resulted in @ 2:45 being taken up, but I got back in the game, especially after the last one at 20. Cold and rainy all the way, but I closed strong with sub 6:15's the last 10k and came hard down Boylston. Started to get cold right after the finish and went to the med tent with a 94 body temp. They put me under some blankets and fed me hot beef broth for 45 minutes and I came back fine. Got up and out and found the fam.
Not one of my best races, but definitely proud of, again and as in Manchester, finding a way to get the job done and executing. Now I want to train for the summer and actually attack one a bit more this fall, such as Bay State. I felt as if I could have gone 6:05's all day were it not for the mutiny in my gut and so for the fall, I'd like to target a 5:50 pace again and get down well below 2:35.

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