Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009

13 miles indoors at 6:25 pace. Whole run was a progression from 6:48 to 6:22. Felt great and springy and strong up top early on (as I usually do the day after any race, but only for the first 4-5 miles.)
I threw some hill work in there with the incline, keeping the speed up and going from 0 to 8% on the grade. Middle miles felt a bit sluggish, but a 10 second water break at 10 set me right and I felt great the last 3.
Last 1.25 miles at marathon pace (5:46.) Long tomorrow. I'd really like to hit 100 this week. A bunch of Whirly dudes are doing 20 on the course and getting the hills both ways, so I may do that.

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