Thursday, March 26, 2009

march 26, 2009

8 in the a.m. at 6:59 and it was a slow one. Low energy and tight from yesterday (and probably the 2 days prior.) Still, after a really slow opening 2, I started to feel OK, and it was just nice to get the blood going. Settled in at between 6:48 and 7:00 and was happy to be done, but no worse for the experience.
Went to the gym at night and did weights for @ 1/2 hour, then ran 5 on the mill at 6:57 pace. Felt better (took a small nap in the afternoon) and finished up A-OK.
Probably going to take a pass on the Boston run on Sunday. talked with Scott and agree with him that I don't stand to gain as much as I risk losing by getting little sleep at the end of my longest week ever and then running 20 in the rain. I'll see what the next few days brings, but so far I'm leaning heavily towards no.
I read where Heidi Westerling is doing 200 miles a week. I feel pretty beat up looking at maybe a 100. She's unreal.
13 for the day, 56 so far for the week.

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