Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009

10.4 miles with the Deegs today. I'd say I'm "finally " feeling better, but I did run 26.2 in 2:35 7 days ago.
Did a fairly quick first mile and then kept everything @ 6:30 once we were warmed up. Felt great and even later I feel good; not utterly exhausted as I was after runs last week.
Just filled out the race calendar for May and June and it seems I've got one every weekend (and one lovely 8 day period with 3) with only one weekend off in the middle. This summer is all about figuring out a way to do my 2 long runs per week, 80+ miles per week and a good deal of regular speedwork, all the while racing well. I can't wait.

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