Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, March 26th, 2012

4 miles easy with the hounds in the woods. Thought I'd pissed the day away and then got this look from Lilah that said, "Hey, jackass, you know there's still a good 1/2 hour of light left?"
Paris caught wind of the vibe and within seconds I had two crazed Weimaraners on my heels. Threw on some warm clothes and headed to Wiley Park.
Had a great time with them and it was the first time they've had a sustained run in months. Between my injury, Lilah's injury and Paris' fatness (though the last one really has no impact on running per se) we'd been doing a lot of dog walks, but few dog runs.
Forgot how much fun it is to watch them have that much fun. I thought I was born to run, but I'm really just a wannabe (as if I needed more proof of that.) These guys are the real deal, fatness and all.

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