Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday, March 5th, 2012

15 miles @ 6:38 pace.
Said to myself, "Dipshit, (I figured this was the only appropriate beginning, really) if you're going to continue dreaming you've got a chance in hell of finishing the New Bedford 1/2 in anything other than an ambulance, you're going to need to prove you can actually run the distance and not feel like death itself."
So, I figured that if I could do it and do it on the heels of an 8 mile day and a 7.5 mile day (big numbers for me these days) then it would definitely be a vote of confidence.
So, with no need for great detail, I'll just say I did it and did it well. I really felt pretty darned good. The injury area was fine throughout. Am I riddled with stamina after 6 months of spotty 20-40 mile weeks? Um, that would be a negative. But I do feel like I can run NB smart and do something under 1:14 at the very least, perhaps much better.
First week over 50 miles since September.

M- 7
T- 6.5
W- 7
Th- 0
F- 8
Sa- 7.5
Su- 15

week- 51 miles

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