Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

23 miles.
Long run on the Boston course from Hopkinton to Heartbreak and back to Ephraim's in Newton.
Great company, including Brian, Tom, Brandon, Lindsay, Jason, a Somerville RR dude, Reno, Ephraim and more.
Progressed nicely after going easy for the first 4.
6:35's to 6:25's and quicker. 6:00's for the last 3, including 6:00 up Heartbreak. 6:34 pace overall and felt strong throughout. Really happy with how good I felt coming on the heels of yesterday's workout.
Great end to a solid, post-race week.

M- 13.5 (8/5.5)
T- 12
W- 14.5 (6/8.5)
Th- 5
F- 9.5
Sa- 11
Su- 23

week- 88.5 miles

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