Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

10 miles. Doyle's 5 miler.
4th time I've run this. Always love it. Always a blast to see a who's who of NE running.
Go there early and warmed up for 3+, hit the line and went out a bit easy in a 5:22. Leg felt fine, so I picked it up to a 5:18. Still felt OK, even as I started to work more into what was a nasty cold headwind. 3rd was 5:13. Great. 4th had the most wind and the most hills and that was a 5:25 and while I was slowing a bit, I was still strong and the leg was 100%, so I went for it on the last mile and got a 5:04. 4th place in 26:28.
I may not be as speedy on this one as I was 2 years ago, but then again, that was when I was trying everything I could to hold the lead with 2 other guys (who eventually dumped me, but I was there for 4.5.)
Cooled down for 2 and then hit the party after. Great day and leaves me feeling pretty confident about my fitness. Good final week as well. 8 more days.

M- 0
T- 10 (5/5)
W- 8
Th- 10
F- 10
Sa- 9
Su- 10

week- 57 miles

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