Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

8 miles. First workout in a while.
Went out on the bike trail from Orleans to Brewster and back. Warmed up for 3, then did 70 sec. on at 5k pace, recovery for 60 sec. Did 4 of those from an easy 5:15 pace to 4:58 by the 4th, just keeping it steady and not pushing.
On the next 4, I started at the sub-5:00 pace and for the last 30 seconds, ramped it each 15 until I made the repeat pace 4:54 to 4:46 on the last. Probably going well under 4:30 for the last 15 on each of the last 2.
Really surprised at how strong I feel right now, but even more so that I have decent speed. Looking forward to some racing.


Went on to do 5 on 11/22 and 7 on 11/23 , 0 on 11/24 because of the leg issue.

week ending 11/24- 36 miles

The next week, I ran 11/27 for 8 and that was it, leg done for 2 weeks.

week ending 12/1- 8 miles

week ending 12/8- 0 miles

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