Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday, February 28th, 2014

13.25 miles.
8 in the a.m. with Mike and Scott doing 6 x 3:00 10k repeats with 90 sec. recovery. Since it was 17 degrees and breezy, we decided to scale back the expectations for pace and just go with an effort that wouldn't burn the lungs too bad. The uphill-ish ones were between 5:31 and 5:36 pace and the downhill-ish ones were 5:16 to 5:26. Recoveries were a little slower than the normally would have been (6:05-7:00,) but they still weren't all-out jogs. The pace felt good, but it sure was cold.
Did 5.25 easy later in the woods around home and felt like I might freeze to death, even though it was 23 degrees by that time. Still, I was just tired after a day of 16, 15 and then the 13 with a workout.
Tomorrow is 20 (slow, it HAS to be slow.)

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