Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

0 miles.

Well, there is it is. The fabled weak week 3 weeks out from Boston. Why fabled? Because the last time I did that (2011) I PR'd and we won the Masters title at Boston. Does that bode well for this one? Well, not exactly. That time was due to the flu. The flu is going to be gone no matter what, whereas a calf injury? That's another story. But what it does do is allow me to look back at history and see that the last time I missed a week, things went pretty dandy and I apparently didn't lose a step, as I can assure myself that it's not as if I didn't miss that week I would have run 2:30 instead of 2:33. In fact, then I would have hammered NB (which is the race I missed that year) and probably gone 2:36 or 2:37, which would have also meant no title.
Anyway, now I'm getting into bullshitter's territory, so I'll just leave it at my not hitting the panic button just yet.

M- 13.6 (8.6/5)
T- 10
W- 4
Th- 0
F- 0
S- 1.2
Su- 0

week- 28.8 miles

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