Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

4.5 miles.

So, I could have coached in the a.m. and then run another 6-7 in the afternoon to reach the 100 mark, but there was simply no real reason to do so.
5 years ago when I reached for 100 and ran more on Sunday than I should have, it was merely for ego and it was not only pointless (duh,) but it set me back and didn't make a bit of sense.
This week, all the training and especially the last two days have been all about reaching a point of fatigue and going beyond it without hurting myself. Yesterday was that "beyond" and while it may have been even a wee bit more beyond the beyond, I came away from it OK, so to push my luck today and not take advantage of a chance to rest would be foolish in many ways.
Instead, I end the week with my first time ever running back to back 90+ weeks and a 40 mile/2day span that cooked me in a good way.

M- 8.25
T- 15 (6/9)
W- 10.65
Th- 16.5 (11/5.5)
F- 19.3 (11.4/7.9)
Sa- 21
Su- 4.5

week- 95.2 miles


KLIM said...

"100 is just a number. Don't go chasing numbers simply to chase numbers." - guy on my team to me when I was trying to "chase" 100.

That said, you're rounding into GREAT shape it seems. Heck, just a few weeks(?) or months(?) ahgo I recall lots of "0"s each day. Remarkable recovery and remarkable surge in fitness.

joe navas said...

Thanks, man. Indeed. The numbers have become the curious byproduct of trying to train smart and do some things I hadn't ever really committed to (such as more miles, reasonably.) Boy, did it take me a long-ass time to come to grips with that.
Just needed to let my body finally get that rest and then finally be patient about getting to the point where regular running just felt good.
Good to have a bit of time left before Boston. I have no idea what this weekend's New Bedford 1/2 will bring, but I do know I'm feeling like a real race is in me somewhere and soon, and that's something I haven't felt for real in some time.