Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday, April 4th, 2014

0 miles.
Called a chiro in Plymouth, only to find out he's only open Monday-Thursday.
Called the NP I saw twice to ask about draining this stupid thing. Never heard back. This just plain blows and now makes it pretty much final. I'm going to be on Heartbreak on the 21st, but it will be in my street duds with a camera.

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Greg said...

Hi Joe. I've had a Baker's Cyst. It comes and goes. Speed can aggravate it for me. Icing really helped me keep the swelling down. I was always able to run with it but it limits my range of motion on my back kick. (Can't bring heel to butt) Usually, a Baker's Cyst is an indication that you injured that knee at some point in the past (meniscus tear possibly - which is the case for me). Good luck. I wouldn't rule out Boston yet. Ice, run on soft surfaces and run a little slower. Listen to your body though because we're all different. Heal up and good luck!