Friday, April 4, 2014

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

4 miles run, 23 miles bike.

Neither of these felt good at all, though the former may have made the latter that much worse.
I tried to run and once again, felt amazing for the first mile and then at 1.5, it started to tighten and by 2, it was pulsing and by 3 it was painful and crampy and radiating down the calf and by 4 I was sure that if I ran another .25 it might just blow up.
So, before anger and frustration could even take over, I pumped up the tires and got my cold weather riding stuff on and headed out for a ride.
My favorite thing to do is climb and of course, wouldn't you know it, that stance and motion aggravated things further. Sitting in the saddle and cranking from there wasn't bad, but it clearly wasn't resting anything either. So, after 23 miles of that @ 19 m.p.h. overall (nothing stellar there) my ass hurt from having not ridden and my calf hurt from too much. Great.
The race is 95% off. The only thing that could save me at this point is if I get in to get this thing drained and it doesn't come back until after the finish, and I really don't see that happening, but I won't completely rule it out.
If I can't run or bike, that leaves me with weights, core and yoga, none of which will give me what I get from running, but it beats nothing.
I'd say "FML," but I've got too many things to be happy about to let that kind of narcissistic whining kick in.

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