Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan. 25th, 2011

14 miles.
7 miles with 12 x 200 (2 @ 34, 3 @ 33m, 4 @ 31, 3 @ 30.) 3 mile warmup, 1 mile cooldown, 200m rests.
Got to the track and it was meant to be, as the track was literally clear on one half of the oval and snowy on the other, so 200m fast, 200m slow and squishy. Kind of nice actually. I was hoping to see at least one 29 second effort, but whether it was the cold, the tights, the whatever, it just wasn't going to happen. Oh well, the 31's came easy enough and I honestly felt like I could hold form on the 33's rather easily.
7 miles at the Chatham run @ 6:35 pace.
I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

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